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Artist's Statement        

Rebecca Koury has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Italy and Southeast Asia, exposing her to many cultures and diverse forms of art. This has led to a fascination with other cultures, both ancient and contemporary.

Her artwork aims to blend both influences of ancient and current cultures. Koury loves the process of discovering how her own life intersects and is not separate from these influences. She asserts that we as human beings are not separate from each other or the earth we inhabit. And no matter what culture or time we are living in, we can find similarities. Most importantly it is the ‘feeling’ she gets from these experiences and how she interprets and expresses them. Rich layers of color and textured surfaces based on patterns from nature, fabric, ancient ruins, written language and symbols are all part of her painting vocabulary.
 Her intention is to ‘presence’ the common thread that weaves through all of life. To inspire the viewer and spark ‘a remembering’ or a ‘familiarity’, whatever that is for them.
Rebecca Koury received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture and a Minor in Art History from the University of Texas in Austin. She now resides in California and works full-time as a fine artist.

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